The Argivian University

You might know me as Amye Lucius Lugo, the gentleman archaeologist, part-time adventurer, antiquities connoisseur, preserver of history, restorer of truth but a little less as the devoted teacher. Indeed, I was recently honored to accept the doyen’s position of the archaeology faculty at the well renowned Argivian University. If you’re reading these words, then you must be interested in joining our archaeology program to learn the latest research techniques imaginated from the best minds in the field. Look no further as the next semester will have two new classes focussing on newly discovered excavation techniques!

Here at Argivian University, we acquired a reputation of the best schooling institution on Terisiare by always being ahead of the curve. I still remember it was during my sophomore year that I realised only the fool brings a Feldon’s Cane to a dig. But more importantly, I learned that he who study the past can predict the future. This might be true in theory, but inaccurate in practice. As so, we decided to delve further into this saying. What if he who can predict the future can dictate the present? This lead the university into a multi-disciplined program in which we recruited the cream of the crop seers to scry the future for hints of excavation techniques yet to be exposed. Then, these procedures were studied and refined by our archaeological team. This is how I figured I should officially assembled these scholars under the research chair Scryings. As with past, we often bury our desire, and then someone comes along and forecast them up.


Cover of the Scryings memoirs to be published soon


An advanced class will be available to senior students who wants to unravel the secrets of the new technique, the Argivian Restoration. This newly developed approach combines archeology and restoration in a single procedure which allows the extraction and reconstruction of an artifact in one simple task. It is needless to say that most archaeologists will obviously be aiming to unearth Colossi of Sardia, Tetravuses, Trikes, etc. to join their ranks in a timely manner. But I bet that clever investigators will look for the expensive Aladdin’s Lamp and the like to minimise the investment needed for such an ambitious archaeological dig. We will also address hazardous territories to avoid when planning such an enterprise since all efforts can abruptly ripe fruitless on Tormod’s Crypts grounds for exemple.

Argivian Restoration Final

Teacher relentlessly watching with scrutiny


We will not let down freshmen as we will also introduce a new class teaching the basics of the recently developed Argivian Find. This cheap and quick archeological approach is perfect for findings like Chaos Orb and Nevinyrral’s disk that dwells on the dirt most of the time. This might also shed light on some new powerful relics of the past that are yet to be revealed. Let remember that Scryings is not exclusive to our university, it is a planeswide effort that will probably spark breakthroughs in various fields. You might also have already noticed that this new method can trace and locate magic from enchantments. I can’t tell right now what these applications might lead us to as it is out of my domain of knowledge, but I foresee this can father the birth of a completely new discipline.

Argivian Find Final

This archaeologist looks casually aloof


I hope this sneak peek into Scryings will prompt a lot of new recruits to join the ranks of Argivian University this semester. We seek great creative minds from everywhere to push innovation forward using the new tools that will be put at our disposition. There’s a lot more to unravel by the end of the year on various sites and channels all over the plane. Be sure not to miss any. And remember, always look to the past, and never dismiss what appears useless because who knows, maybe this year’s cohort will lead to the discovery of the fabled Jester’s Cap!


The dream dig!

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