Long Live the King!


The Crown


On May 29, I had the privilege to host the third edition of Le Roi de La Chope at their new location. The second floor now offers a more spacious and convenient play area than before. We had an impressive attendance of 21 players. Up to this day, it’s the largest Old School 93/94 event held in Québec City thanks to the Tundra Wolf Pack from the south! After five rounds of swiss, eight players advanced to the finals, leaving only sorrow and despair to the remaining players. Among them, two previous Goblin King holders. Thus, a new monarch was crowned that night.


Twins from Cairo


Again, we had a great panoply of deck represented; no traditional The Deck but a couple blue-red burn. Nevertheless, there’s a deck which caught my attention and it’s the mono red piloted by Maxime. Very original list, as we can see below, with Ali from Cairo at the wheel. An impressive finish as well since Maxime took second place, just one game short of the coveted title.

Maxime Tremblay 4-1 second.JPG

Mustachios Aggro-Control (4-1 after swiss)


As for me, I opted for a deck which previously won me a casual 10-man. I had a lot of fun and puzzling games piloting the blue-green swarm, but in the end, I failed to pull enough wins to slip into the top 8. Casting Unsummon on one of my two Serendib Efreet at the end of opponent’s turn, with 2 remaining life points, to go alpha strike on my attack phase was very exciting indeed!




Let’s not forget that the real winners are the kids from La Camaradière high school since all the entry fees from the event were used to buy cards and accessories to help those less fortunate enjoy the game we all love!


This is also where I learned the game, during lunch break at high school


Jessy Pouliot 5-0 Winner.JPG

Jessy, 1st place (5-0 after swiss)

Maxime Tremblay 4-1 second

Maxime, 2nd place (4-1 after swiss)

Marc Antoine 3-2 top4.JPG

Marc-Antoine, 3-4 place (4-1 after swiss)

Fred Czor 3-2 top4.JPG

Frédéric, 3-4 place (3-2 after swiss)

tienne Jean 4-1 top8.JPG

Étienne, 5-8 place (4-1 after swiss)

Guillaume Larouche 4-1 top8.JPG

Guillaume L., 5-8 place (4-1 after swiss)

Yannick Veilleux 4-1 top8.JPG

Yannick V., 5-8 place (4-1 after swiss)

Mark Seccareccia 3-2 top8.JPG

Mark, 5-8 place (3-2after swiss)

Yan Desmeules 3-2.JPG

Yan, 3-2

Karl Rivest 3-2.JPG

Karl, 3-2

Dave Dupont 3-2.JPG

Dave, 3-2

Fran]cois Derbas Thibodeau 2-3.JPG

François, 2-3

Yves larochelle 2-3.JPG

Yves, 2-3

Simon Blais 2-3.JPG

Simon, 2-3

Sbastien Dubé 2-3.JPG

Sébastien, 2-3

Christian Arcand 1-4.JPG

Christian. 2-3

Laurence Boulanger 1-4.JPG

Laurence, 1-4

Jackie Kenty 1-4.JPG

Jackie, 1-4

Yannick Blanchet 1-2 drop.JPG

Yanick B., 1-4

Pierre-Elie Hupp 0-5.JPG

Pierre-Elie, 0-5


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