The Antiquities Roadshow

When I first heard words on the street about the Scryings expansion hatching from the old world, I immediately knew I had to brood over an event adopting the newer cards to our older spells family.  As so, I pitched a team trio formula over our Facebook group and finally settled on a mid-january weekend […]


The Argivian University

You might know me as Amye Lucius Lugo, the gentleman archaeologist, part-time adventurer, antiquities connoisseur, preserver of history, restorer of truth but a little less as the devoted teacher. Indeed, I was recently honored to accept the doyen’s position of the archaeology faculty at the well renowned Argivian University. If you’re reading these words, then […]

The Gentleman Archaeologist

I used to be an Archaeologist, but then I caught arthritis in the knees. -Amye Lucius Lugo, Argivian Archaeologist As a 33 years old graduate from Tolarian Academy, I resigned my functions to retire early from field research and adventure into magical places for an occupation more adapted to my condition. A professor at the […]

Long Live the King!

The Crown   On May 29, I had the privilege to host the third edition of Le Roi de La Chope at their new location. The second floor now offers a more spacious and convenient play area than before. We had an impressive attendance of 21 players. Up to this day, it’s the largest Old […]

Équinoxe du Printemps

Half-melted patches of dirty snow unearthing forgotten trash of seasons past.  The few remaining days of winter were finally on their last breath as I settled on my deck choice about a week prior to the event, the second edition of  Le Roi de la Chope. Like spring, I put my efforts into a new […]

There and back again…

It’s been nearly a year since I first shared my thoughts and experiences of Old School Magic on this blog. At this time, I must say that even if I enjoy writing and I do still have a lot of inspiration and ideas, I do not take as much time as I would like to […]

The Past’s Not Set

  On September 10, fourteen veteran mages gathered and put their honor at stake, ready to battle for the Seigneur du Corail title. This time around, the battleground was set at a local pub called Le Corail (The Coral). Thematically, each participant had to bring an Old School 93/94 legal card representing a creature from […]

High End Magic: The Gathering

I always found the expression a bit awkward applied to Magic. It implies that the game is finite, that once you have all the cards the whole thing is beaten, much like a video game. I actually view collecting Magic quite as the opposite. Every time I expand my collection, creativity emerges and my options widen. […]