There and back again…

It’s been nearly a year since I first shared my thoughts and experiences of Old School Magic on this blog. At this time, I must say that even if I enjoy writing and I do still have a lot of inspiration and ideas, I do not take as much time as I would like to put it down. Sometimes, I wish I could time walk. I can lie to myself thinking that I would post once every month, but posting every two months should be a more reasonable objective for 2017.

That being said, the one year mark also brings back memories of our first Old School 93-94 tournament in Québec city. This was the first gathering of a series of events which united players from different playing groups. As I’d like to make this event a yearly rendezvous not to miss for our community, I proudly present this year’s edition:


Awesome work by my friend and colleague Alan.

This time, in addition to a format legal Goblin card, an entry fee of $10 will be charged. As so, players will still compete for an Unlimited Goblin King card signed by all participants, and the entry fee money will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice. All other players will get back a Goblin card also signed by all participants. As always, I’m sure this event has all what it takes to be an incredible throwback event and it would be even greater if players from other areas make the trip to join us. (event link)

Stay tuned as I will post my highlights’ recollection of the upcoming event a couple of weeks after the big show. Until then, pondering my deck choice for the event, I will play, talk and read as much as time permit about Old School 93/94.


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